The Inbetweeners Season 3 Episode 5

“Finding out your mother’s on Facebook is bad enough, but finding out she’s looking for cock…” Wise words from Will, who suffers even more than usual in this week’s episode thanks to the rest of the boys moving in with him whilst his mum is on holiday.

Amongst other things, he puts up with more ‘your mother’ jokes against him than even The Inbetweeners usually has due to his mum’s new boyfriend, he has to stop his friends from pooing in the garden, and he inadvertently breaks up his mum and said boyfriend by karate kicking a middle-aged man down some stairs.

Jay, on the other hand, has serious animal problems; first, a squirrel makes the mistake of provoking him, and he promptly reverses his Nissan Micra into it. He calls it a “little p*sstaker”, but you tell by his eyes he regrets it. Second, his dad has his dog put down after he lies to have it taken out of the house; apparently it was distracting him whilst he was, um, “relieving” himself. You really feel for the guy, even if he does bring it all on himself.  

A subplot is Simon spending this week discovering the delights of playing golf. The rest of the boys discover the delights of playing golf with a neighbour’s flowerbeds. Will doesn’t want to do it but gets pressured into it. Guess who’s the one who gets caught?

It’s maybe a bit formulaic at the moment; Neil is thick, Jay is still obsessed with being a “playa”, and Will and Simon are stuck in the middle as usual. Luckily, we have Greg Davies’ short scene as evil Head of Sixth Form Mr Gilbert to cheer us up “Oh, I’m single at the moment. She (Will’s mum) is exactly my type. Just think, if it goes well enough, you could end up calling me daddy” (eyes go big). He is far and away the best actor in the cast, and maybe in any sitcom running at the moment.

Anyway, the finale is next week. Will Will earn the respect of the school? Will Simon win back Tara? Will Jay finally get some? We’ll soon see.


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