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Scott Pilgrim Vs the World (with spoilers).

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I saw this film a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d have a stab at reviewing it, since of all the superhero movies released recently it is probably the oddest. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy that this is the first real chance I’ve had to do it; I’m sitting here with a plot summary to make sure I don’t make any obvious mistakes. I should say that I’ve never read the comic series that the film is based on, and that for all I know it may be brilliant.

The story is simple: Scott Pilgrim, unemployed everyman and bassist, meets the beautiful Ramona Flowers, the (literal) girl of his dreams. However, she’s carrying heavy baggage in the form of the League of Evil Exes, past boyfriends (and one girlfriend) with major relationship issues. To win her hand, Scott must defeat each of the exes with Super Smash Bros-style fighting moves, gaining self-confidence and a large number of Canadian dollars along the way.

The film’s visual style is its great strength; the mystical powers which everyone seems to have are written as magical realism, music appears as brilliant colours crossing the screen and the constantly shifting camera angles and close-in shots appear innovative, although even this becomes grating when they’re used to highlight the very un-awesome music of Scott’s band. In terms of style, this film is more original than The Dark Knight, which makes it sad that its actual content is so irritating.   

The film’s big problem is that for a story like this to work, the audience needs to identify with the character who discovers he can fly, shoot webs, turn any object a different colour etc. Scott is clearly meant to fit the lovable loser archetype, but for the first half of the film he’s such an irritating douchebag that you mainly want to reach through the screen and strangle him (and yes, Michael Cera may be hot. Despite looking like the human equivalent of a damp tissue, he may be hot. As a heterosexual guy, I don’t see it).

At the start of the film he’s mourning his break-up with former girlfriend Envy, and coping with his depression by stringing along and cheating on a high-school girl, bumming his possessions and flat off his mates and generally acting like a self-centred dork. This means that the climax of the film where Scott gains his self-confidence loses most of its impact; it seems like he already has enough self-confidence and just needs to learn not to be such a massive jerk, already. 

The film’s other big problem is the character of Ramona Flowers, the driving force of the plot. She’s introduced as literally an image in Scott’s head, and unfortunately she may as well have stayed there for all the character development she gets; her main personality features are changing her hair colour and working for Amazon.ca. Yeah, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is good-looking, but what does she really have on, say, Envy, or even his supposedly lame high-school girlfriend? (Ellen Wong, whose vivacious performance is one of the better parts of the film). In the end, despite a decent performance from Ms Winstead, there seems to be little justification for her character’s central place in the movie.

More than anything else, crossing a hipster romance with a dorky superhero film just proves how irritating both subcultures can be.